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Website Design Consultative Services

Pyre Fox utilizes techniques which optomize user's experience on a wide range of devices.

The growth of smartphone and tablet devices has altered the range of screen sizes and resolutions making it impractical to build websites to suit every possible display environment. Responsive / Adaptive Web Design is a method of creating flexible websites which can deliver an optimal experience throughout this huge range of devices.

Our Simple Design Process

We begin by considering your company's website objectives. Once this has been clearly defined, we layout the information architecture to help guide the design process. Next, we start creating wireframes and finally move to the design stage.

Our 5 Key Design Principles

Through web design we refer to heavy (large / dark colors) and light (small / lighter colors) elements. Using the correct proportion is critical to achieving a balanced website design.

Our designers look at contrasting sizes, textures, and shapes in order to define and draw attention to certain sections of the website.

The design principle founded in the intentional highlighting of certain important elements of the website layout.

Consistency is a critical web design principle. A clean and consistent website provides the best user experience for your website visitors.

The relationship between the layout of the website and the composition as a whole needs to blend seamlessly as one. If all the other principles mentioned are done properly, design unity is easier to achieve.

We are proficient in color scheming, graphic design and information flow to enhance the aesthetic portion of your website and usability.

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